Smart flight

Flewwit is a intelligence platform that caters and synchronize travellers flight change characteristics together with airline's, and airline's pricing and allocation systems. Our proprietary technology reduces cost to both travelers and airlines.

How it works

Our novel technology platform enables the seats in the flights to be re-organized from its earlier original airline's allocation pricing ( 2nd row image : dark brown seat ( lowest cost), white seat ( mid cost), brown seat ( higher cost ) to maximize the yield of the same seats towards flight take off time ( 1st row image). Importantly, this is performed with synchronization of the travelers flight ( change ) characteristics and enable travelers to match their real time needs with a lower cost than existing market.

Value proposition to airlines

Airlines have the seats in each flight make relevant to maximize their yield and yet cater to travelers characteristics and lower cost, without having to alienate customers on minute ancillaries. Our novel technology platform sits on top individual airline's pricing and allocation system. Flewwit's platform layer drives the performance benefits on each individual airlines pricing and allocation system without alteration.

What we are not

We differs from existing market solutions that such as options trading methods to reserve the best match price, seat boost methods that makes lower price travelers release their seats to higher price travelers, or auction upgrades.

Cater for travelers change characteristics. Synchronize airline flight schedules to travelers characteristics through our personalized artificial intelligence system. For a flexible length of time of change from booked flights. Differs from existing change compensation system or option ticket systems. Reduce cost, increase yield + load factor. It integrates seamlessly to airline systems.


Book, and cater to your flight change later, with your preference of present ticket price. Our intelligent personalized system presents you flight change uniquely with no existing systems can find. Personalized smart flight with a single swipe to your change. Gone are the existing cost of change, hassle of change and limit time window of option fees booking.

Game ?

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